Triffic Tuesdays: after work rides for folk who work in tech

A few of us have been going out after work and it occurred that it may have broader appeal, so we've formed a new Bristol  cycling group 'Triffic Tuesdays'.

We're aiming to keep things light hearted. It's about winding down after a days' work, for a worthwhile ride with other interesting people from the tech community. There's no agenda. Meet up, ride, relax.

We'll do a variety of 2-3 hour routes on a Tuesday evening, away from the traffic where possible. Hills will feature (will aim  for 500m+ of climbing) and you'll need a reasonable level of fitness to enjoy a medium pace. This isn't about chain ganging it and we won't leave you behind, but you'll need to be up for it. A basic road bike or a hybrid with slick tyres will be fine.

We can potentially do some bigger rides as the evenings lengthen and an occasional weekend adventure - too if there's an appetite for it. Let's start simple and pool ideas, routes etc - there's plenty still to be discovered. I'll run out of fresh routes ... Read more

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