Triffic Tuesdays: after work rides for folk who work in tech

A few of us have been going out after work and it occurred that it may have broader appeal, so we've formed a new Bristol  cycling group 'Triffic Tuesdays'.

We're aiming to keep things light hearted. It's about winding down after a days' work, for a worthwhile ride with other interesting people from the tech community. There's no agenda. Meet up, ride, relax.

We'll do a variety of 2-3 hour routes on a Tuesday evening, away from the traffic where possible. Hills will feature (will aim  for 500m+ of climbing) and you'll need a reasonable level of fitness to enjoy a medium pace. This isn't about chain ganging it and we won't leave you behind, but you'll need to be up for it. A basic road bike or a hybrid with slick tyres will be fine.

We can potentially do some bigger rides as the evenings lengthen and an occasional weekend adventure - too if there's an appetite for it. Let's start simple and pool ideas, routes etc - there's plenty still to be discovered. I'll run out of fresh routes after a bit, so all suggestions welcomed.

Rough format; meet from 5:30 PM at 'Roll for the Soul' cafe (they have bike parking, toilets etc. but nowhere to stash bags securely; they close the kitchen at 5 PM on a Tuesday, but you can still grab hot drinks, cakes etc. and they'll fill up water bottles if you forget); depart at 6 PM sharp, returning by 8/8:30 PM ish, could be a little later. No worries if you want to peel off for home on the way back. I'll upload the routes, so please do use them as you wish. Might be worth sticking them on your own device too, just in case mine fails mid ride.

Please see:

Please bring lights (we'll often be returning to the city at dusk), spares, and clothing for wet or cooler evenings. We'll still go if it's looking like rain. Torrential may see a cancellation if no-one's keen. I'll cancel if it's too windy to feel safe. Please ensure you are fuelled and hydrated.

We'll be on public roads so, as a note of caution, please be familiar with the principles of riding in a group as we may need to bunch up a bit when on main roads. You'll be held fully responsible for your own actions and for your own safety, and for that of your bike and any belongings. You must be considerate of other group members and of other road users too. If you haven't ridden in a group before, please check out GCN's videos on group riding etiquette and safety.

Looking forward to seeing what directions things evolve in.

If you have any ideas, suggestions, or questions please be in touch via; or 0117 318 2447.

Let's make Tuesdays triffic. See you out there.