Tuesday, November 8, 2016 - 08:33

I'm pleased to share some take-away thoughts from November's Threads discussion.

We got together for an open discussion of the experiences, issues and considerations that surround a modern recruitment process within the South West technology community.

Next month, on Wednesday 7th December, we will explore the topic 'What and how to outsource'' You can rsvp via the group MeetUp page.

Here is a little of what came out of the conversation;

"Look for people via your own networks first. People are easier and cheaper to find this way, and you avoid creating noise in the market that can drown out those people who would really love to work for you.”

“Recruiting at the very earliest stage of the business is all about the personal relationships. It’s more like finding a life partner. But even later on, the personal relationships are critical to making great hires.”

“Don’t get hung up on interviewing for ... Read more

Tuesday, October 18, 2016 - 10:02

I'm pleased to share some take-away thoughts from the Threads discussion.

Six of us got together for a discussion around the experiences of, and lessons learned from, the nature of change that a growing technology company's culture may encounter as it evolves as fresh people join and as the company prepares for life beyond the founders.

We would be glad to hear of your own perspectives, please feel free to comment or to contact the organisers via the group page.

Here is a little of what came out of the conversation;

"People who are attracted to early-stage businesses aren't as motivated by the usual promotion ladder of increasingly senior-sounding job titles. Instead, they relish a diverse career journey where they can make up the map."

"Coach your managers to be your proxies, sharing the company’s values and beliefs with their teams just as you do with them.”

"Communicating that the founders plan to exit without communicating a clear and reassuring roadmap can be risky." ... Read more

Friday, September 16, 2016 - 16:44

It's always good seeing a new idea come to fruition, and Wednesday 5th October sees the inaugural 'Threads' roundtable discussion getting underway. We would love you to join us.

Threads is the culmination of conversations Peter Cain, Rory Suggett and I are having about common goals that growing technology businesses face.

We're seeing that some operational challenges are common, and we think Threads may support you in your leadership capacity of a growing business which builds its own tech.

We're inviting people who manage or direct technology development to join us during a series of constructive 90 minute roundtable discussions. Topics being explored will centre around; technology, process and practice; business and law; and people, staffing and skills.

The aim is to improve understanding and practice through a series of hosted informal and open ... Read more

Wednesday, June 15, 2016 - 15:33


A few of us have been going out after work and it occurred that it may have broader appeal, so we've formed a new Bristol  cycling group 'Triffic Tuesdays'.

We're aiming to keep things light hearted. It's about winding down after a days' work, for a worthwhile ride with other interesting people from the tech community. There's no agenda. Meet up, ride, relax.

We'll do a variety of 2-3 hour routes on a Tuesday evening, away from the traffic where possible. Hills will feature (will aim  for 500m+ of climbing) and you'll need a reasonable level of fitness to enjoy a medium pace. This isn't about chain ganging it and we won't leave you behind, but you'll need to be up for it. A basic road bike or a hybrid with slick tyres will be fine.

We can potentially do some bigger rides as the evenings lengthen and an occasional weekend adventure - too if there's an appetite for it. Let's start simple and pool ideas, routes etc - there's plenty still to ... Read more