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"I discovered technology in 1997 and by 2000 had established my career in software and product training. I’ve worked with technology driven companies ever since. I’m as comfortable being part of the teams using tech to solve problems as I am leading teams that create new solutions. My more recent roles have included delivering Web and SaaS projects, and managing remote development and commercial teams. Hiring technical and commercial colleagues has been my responsibility in most of these. Working with recruitment agencies as an employer has given me an excellent understanding of what’s needed to support the people we now help. I met Andrew in 2008 whilst we were working to deliver icould.com; we make an effective team and complement each other well. My natural strengths are organisation, project management and communications and I have a lasting passion for technology (obviously) and ancient history (I’m Italian, so no surprises there)."

Vittoria Rubino - Operations Manager

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Andrew Gifford | techfolk

"In many ways the role of a recruiter is easy. We're the middle people. We risk very little, besides our professional reputation. We undertake the operational costs of the campaign and our output is high, but the real talent lies within the teams we help build. Our role is to build networks, to guide and orchestrate. We're the sounding board, the impartial facilitators. We remain open minded while weighing the strengths and aspirations of the people we meet with the values and engineering objectives of the employers we support. I consider techfolk fortunate to represent the organisations it does, many of whom placed trust in us following a personal recommendation. This is year eleven for me, plus seven years working inside technology providers such as the ISP UUNET during the early years of the Web and the systems software provider Zeus Technology. Outside of work, I'm into cycling, the outdoors and exploring all that Bristol and the sunny South West offers. "

Andrew Gifford - Founding Director

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"I've been fascinated by computing since my school bought an Apple computer. As they became more accessible in the eighties my father bought the family a BBC Model B, and I taught myself BBC Basic. The 'Internet' was born whilst I was studying Computing at University and I set myself up as a Web Designer a couple of years later. My first foray into database driven websites led me to learn ASP. Eventually I moved towards open source products and took all development over to OSX and Linux. I taught myself Drupal, rebuilt my websites and nowadays I'd describe myself as a 'Drupal Themer' who dabbles in 'development' - I'm still learning - aren't we all? Andrew and I share a passion for cycling and he's quite happy with me remoting in from the Pyrenees on one of my long summer tours"

Jon Laurence, Web Guy

Ways we can help you

techfolk® is an technology R&D and IT recruitment agency, primarily supporting the ecosystem of technology firms across the South West region, notably Bristol, Bath, Swindon and Cardiff. We have nationwide reach and can help you build teams further afield too.

We aim to provide the kind of approach you'd choose if you were to build a custom technical recruitment function of your own.

We operate transparently and inclusively, as if an in-house business partner, exposing our methods and workflow so you always know what's happening. This joined-up approach integrates easily with your own processes.

Please do check out what hiring managers are saying about our work.

We work to openly build your employer brand along the way, encouraging people to visit your own website which helps build trust and understanding.

We're adept at search; our advanced methods contextually scour over 100 platforms such as Github, StackOverflow, blogs, social media etc. to find specialists who are into the right things but who may not be actively using job boards. We can often identify the very person you need from amongst your competition and engage them meaningfully and directly.

We'll get your job adverts ranking well too; variously, CWJobs, GitHub Jobs, Jobsite, Jobserve, LinkedIn, Monster, REED, StackOverflow, TotalJobs etc. plus their many aggregator sites. And we often publish content among expert communities, user groups and on niche job boards.

Two recent examples of our work include;

  • Helping The IHTSDO bring together its entirely work-from-home terminology software and Web application development teams: core Java, AngularJS, Linux, RDF, SPARQL, ontologies, open source. Also hiring in Release Management, Tools and Ops. The IHTSDO is the non-profit organisation, upon whose terminology 27 nations rely for accuracy in clinical and healthcare data.
  • Helping VC funded startup ClusterHQ build its Bristol team, hiring across UX, QA, DevOps and engineering (Golang, Python), in the domain of Docker tools and open source storage software. Search activity within open source communities - database engines, virtualisation, file systems, storage, and targeting enterprise vendors whose staff had relevant skills.

We relish a challenge and we're happy to share a little of what we learn along the way.

For example, we're currently supporting employers and building networks in domains as diverse as:

  • Linked Data and Semantic Web: JavaScript, Ruby, Java, Apache Jena, AWS
  • Public cloud managed services: building AWS and Google cloud DevOps teams
  • IOT analytics and subscriber management: C++, Web, AI and data science
  • Network management software: C++, AI, Python, SDN, NFV, JavaScript
  • Recommendation engine content serving platform: Golang, Nodejs, AngularJS, AI, big data
  • High volume RDBMS: C++, database engine, PostgreSQL
  • Learning management application: PHP, Symfony / laravel
  • Image Management Server platform: native JavaScript
  • UX and digital experience agency: JavaScript, front end, DevOps, infrastructure
  • Global silicon manufacturer: hardware, consumer devices, user tools, .NET

We'd be glad to support your early planning for the team. Even if we aren't engaged commercially right away, we can provide impartial insights and guidance that help you prepare and build in contingency.

Sometimes, change is needed first and recruitment follows later; we can put you in touch with people who can guide you through change and growth.

We like to meet for coffee (and tea) and Andrew's often at local tech events and meetups so please do say hello if you spot him.

With thanks,

The techfolk team


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We adhere to the principals of the Data Protection Act (reg. no. ZA084590).

Importantly, we're also members of the Recruitment and Employers Confederation (membership no. 00089203), and we adhere to the REC code of practice (our terms of buisness for employers are REC approved).